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Bridging The Gap Between a Conditioned Mind and Oneness...




R.L. Malpica is the founder of Minds Like Mine’s, a movement based on conscious living, mindfulness, spirituality and enlightenment.

Minds Like Mine’s is not only a brand, it’s a network of like-minded individuals connected energetically while sharing healing techniques, free-thought, and knowledge on the path to the truth.

In addition, R.L. is a lightworker, conscious guide and spiritual mentor specializing in bridging the gap between a conditioned mind and individual oneness. For those looking to escape the confines of a prisoned mind and partake on a journey to enlightenment, R.L. Malpica assists in guiding, mentoring and coaching you along the path by utilizing different methods of inner work.


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He’s also the host of the Minds Like Mine’s Podcast, which features thought provoking conversation on different aspects of conscious living, social issues, mental health and spirituality. The podcast is a platform for freethinking and truth seeking.



In the next year, I will be releasing four workshops based on my "4 Pillars of Enlightenment" which will be a detailed breakdown of each pillar and how you can apply it to your everyday life.

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Deep thought provoking conversation on mindfulness, spirituality and conscious living. 




Great mentorship! RL has mentored me through some of the hardest days of my life..


Thank you for  calling me out and having me get real, and DIG Deep, to HEAL properly, to GROW properly!! You got me excited about Goals and Dreams.


R.L. has a great way of making you see things from an entirely different point of view.. he makes you think and question everything.